School of Wok’s Jeremy Pang opens restaurant

19th July 2016

Jeremy Pang head chef and director at School of Wok Culinary school in Covent Garden, is opening Cha Chaan Teng this summer.

The eatery is inspired by the hugely popular 1950’s cha chaan teng cafés that offer an eclectic range of Chinese comfort food infused with western influences. The menu is a light-hearted take on the café subculture which sprung up after the war and ventured away from traditional Chinese recipes, integrating Western ingredients to appeal to Hong Kong’s multicultural population.

In late 2014 Petty Wood joined forces with TV Chef Jeremy Pang, to create the School of Wok 15 minute noodle kit range. To find out more about the kits please visit the School of Wok brand page or