It's 'Crunch Time' for Great British Sauce Co.?

Following on from the success of their sauces, The Great British Sauce Co. are using their strong brand positioning to enter the crisp category.

Their brand new range of exciting flavour’s, exclusively managed by Petty Wood, include Habanero Chilli, Proper Tomato, Smoky BBQ and Hot & Sweet Chilli. They are all made from ingredients sourced and produced in the UK.  The potatoes used for the crisps are hand cooked in small batches at source.  The brand is so British they even tell you which field the potatoes are grown in on each pack.

So why have Great British Sauce Co. gone into crisps?
Jason Beaumont, GB Founder explains, “With crisps, we’ve taken our experience and love for creating real flavour into a range of unique seasonings, pairing them with the best quality, hand cooked crisps we could find.  We also believe there is a significant consumer synergy between sauces and crisps, providing some unique and value-driving category growth opportunities for our trade customers.”