2016 marked a significant historic milestone for Petty Wood as it celebrated 200 years of trading within the UK food and drink industry.

To put this into context, it first started trading one year after the Battle of Waterloo and over 65 years before Marks & Spencer opened their first Bazaar in Leeds! From the very beginning from their original offices at 53 Threadneedle Street in the City of London, the business model created by Mr Petty and Mr Wood was built on growth through innovation. During the 19th century the Wood Family took control of the business and made significant investments in building a purpose-built distribution centre at Southwark Bridge Road, in the heart of London. Here they procured products from around the world such as tea, dried fruits, cereals and spices, which they supplied to manufacturers and retail customers. 

During the late 1800s the company became a pioneer for the packaged grocery trade, investing in vehicles with combustion engines rather than horse drawn carts and becoming the first business to install a telephone line between North & South of the River Thames. It also became one of the first companies to repack bulk goods into small parcels for sales through retail shops. In 1891 they even launched their own brand called Epicure, which is still going strong to this very today.

Fast forward to today and the business is still privately owned although not by the Wood family and continues to pride itself on a strategy driven through innovation. The business now operates from its head office in Andover where it also has its primary warehousing and logistics facility. The business also has a design and innovation studio only 400m from the original location in central London.