Darrell Lea – the world’s most popular soft eating liquorice

Darrell Lea is an iconic Australian brand, founded by Harry Lea in 1927, and named after his youngest son Darrell. In 1957 Darrell Lea invented Soft Eating Liquorice and even today Darrell Lea remains the global leader in this delicious confection.

The Darrell Lea product is indulgent with a smooth soft texture quite different to the liquorice most people have grown up with in the UK. It is full flavoured, only 3% fat, kosher and low in salt.
In addition to the original Black Liquorice, Darrell Lea also make a Strawberry Liquorice variety. Appealing to those with a sweeter tooth, many people who claim they do not like liquorice find it irresistible!
Alongside the classic liquorice recipe Darrell Lea have now launched a “Nafnac” version that has  No Artificial Flavours and No Artificial Colours.
Both the classic and Nafnac products share the unique Darrell Lea texture that sets it ahead of its imitators.
Over 50 million strands of Darrell Lea’s soft eating liquorice are consumed by Australians of all ages each year, and is sold in more than 10000 retail outlets around the world.
About Darrell Lea
  • 100% family owned
  • 1927 1st Darrell Lea Shop opened in the Haymarket area of Sydney

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